Behind every is a powerful web hosting provider. If you want your website to have the fastest WordPress hosting speeds, rock solid security, and a stress free hosting experience, you need to move it to a managed WordPress hosting provider.

What is managed WordPress hosting?

When we refer to WPhost as a managed WordPress hosting provider, we’re calling out the many benefits that makes our hosting stand out from generic shared hosting providers. And because we treat each WordPress site at WPhost individually, we go to great lengths to ensure that each site is secure, fast and always up-to-date.

Everything a managed hosting provider does is optimised for WordPress – from the way they structure their servers to the team they hire for support. At WPhost, we’re huge fans of WordPress. So much so, that all we do is WordPress and we’ve made it a point to know it inside and out. As a managed host, we go out of our way to answer questions and WPhost clients immediately notice our WordPress support goes a lot deeper than your typical web hosting company.

As well as a managed host’s hardware and WordPress expertise, they typically offer many additional services and features. We’ll dive into those advantages shortly, but to sum it up, managed WordPress hosting is ideal for anyone building a business on WordPress.

The benefits of managed WordPress hosting

Here are 8 reasons why managed WordPress hosting is the best choice for your website:

  1. Expert WordPress support at your disposal
  2. Rock solid WordPress security
  3. Lightning fast WordPress hosting speed
  4. Free SSL Certificates come standard
  5. Hands-off WordPress maintenance
  6. Say goodbye to all those unnecessary plugins
  7. Accelerate your WordPress site with a global CDN
  8. We’ll focus on hosting so you can focus on your business

1. Expert WordPress support at your disposal

All hosting providers offer some level of support, but with a managed WordPress hosting provider, you can trust that their support team fully understands WordPress.

With WPhost, you have the best WordPress support at your disposal. Our exclusive focus on WordPress means our team of experts always have your back! WPhost clients immediately notice our WordPress support goes a lot deeper than your typical web hosting company. Because we specialise in just WordPress, our support team is able to quickly diagnose any range of problems. Whether it’s restoring your site, recommending a plugin, enabling your free CDN, pointing DNS, or installing your free SSL Certificate or WordPress theme we’ll help you out!

Plus, as a managed WordPress host, we prioritise the support we offer to clients, meaning you’ll have access to things like live chat, secure ticketing, email support, knowledgebases and even WordPress tutorials. Using a managed WordPress host is like having your own outsourced IT department full of experts at your fingertips. An amazing perk and some nice reassurance to have when you’re running a business!

WordPress Support

2. Rock solid WordPress security

It’s no secret that due to WordPress’ popularity, WordPress sites are under constant attack and have become a target for hackers and malicious users across the internet. And even if your website has never been hacked before, security is something that should always be on your mind. With shared web hosting, you’ll need to spend time and resources backing up your site and making sure it’s protected from the latest malware or hacking attempt. Plus, you’ll spend your energy being constantly worried about what you’ll do when your site gets compromised.

At WPhost, we manage your security for you by configuring our servers for WordPress security best practices. This means we are proactively scanning for hacking attempts. We’re also on top of the latest security vulnerabilities and will keep you informed on threats and will proactively block them whenever we can. We do all of this at the server level so you never have to worry about security plugins again! And if something should go awry, as a managed WordPress hosting provider we offer nightly WordPress backups that may easily and quickly be restored.

Perhaps the most valuable security service a managed WordPress host can offer is an infection insurance which includes free malware removal. Unfortunately, there’s always a small chance hackers could find their way around your defence so in the unlikely event that your site is hacked or compromised and your plan includes infection insurance, our team of WordPress experts will quickly and carefully remove the malware and fix it for you – for free!

Free malware removal with Infection Insurance

3. Lightning fast WordPress hosting speed

With managed WordPress hosting you’ll find a major benefit is that their entire technology stack is tailored to WordPress. Shared hosts cram as many websites as possible onto one server, whereas WPhost treats every website we host like the unique creation that it is. We fine-tune our servers for optimal WordPress performance so your site will likely have better uptime and load faster.

When your site is hosted with WPhost, there’s no need to install and configure caching plugins in order to achieve top speed. Our caching engine takes into account the most common WordPress themes and plugins for an optimised setup, with absolutely no work on your end. With a managed WordPress hosting provider, you’ll see major benefits from the fact that they will even work individually with clients to further optimise sites for best performance.

With WPhost’s platform, you don’t share resources like you do on shared hosting. This means no one’s site will interfere with your performance or security and you get the fastest WordPress hosting speeds around the world. We’ve partnered with Google Cloud to create a platform that’s more scalable, resilient, and the fastest ever. Sites scale and heal as needed, allowing us to offer the best WordPress hosting experience for our customers.

Helping you to avoid the hassles of server maintenance is where the value of a managed WordPress host really starts to show itself because they’ll allow you to focus on your clients and your business. Security and performance benefits alone make a managed WordPress hosting provider worth it!

How to speed up your WordPress site

4. Free SSL Certificates come standard

For the past several years, Google has moved toward a more secure web by strongly advocating that sites adopt HTTPS encryption and has begun marking all HTTP sites that don’t have an SSL Certificate as not secure. For WordPress website owners this means that if your site doesn’t have a valid SSL certificate installed, it could seriously be hurting your traffic and conversions. Luckily, managed WordPress hosting providers have made it incredibly easy to add one to your site.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a protocol used for secure and encrypted communication between computers and is best known by the green padlock and the HTTPS that pops up in the URL bar of your browser when a valid SSL certificate is installed. When a visitor to your website sees these two things, they are reassured knowing that their information is being encrypted.

All you need to do to avoid the warning, is to protect your website with HTTPS using a valid SSL certificate. WPhost makes it incredibly simple to do this when a free SSL certificate comes standard with every managed WordPress hosting plan. Our super speedy WordPress platform and free SSL certificates work together to give your site a boost in both SEO and security.

SSL Certificates

5. Hands-off WordPress maintenance

Staying on top of WordPress updates is a must for your sites performance and security. However, managing what seems like a never ending task of constant WordPress updates is a time consuming hassle and is often missed in our busy lives. A managed WordPress host will take care of updates for you, and this usually includes WordPress core updates, PHP updates, and sometimes even plugin updates. This can save you hours of work!

With cheap hosting solutions, you will end up spending hours making sure everything’s running smoothly. That’s time wasted that you could be using to take care of your business. At WPhost, your WordPress updates, upgrades, security, migrations, backups and caching is all taken care of.

WordPress continually improves upon their versions and releases updates to upgrade their software and enhance security. It’s vitally important to stay on top of updates as running an outdated WordPress version can lead to a hacked website. WPhost eliminates that headache as we’ll take care of all WordPress core updates and make sure your version is good to go! We monitor the updates and pay attention to whether updates will cause issues with your site as part of the process. If it does, we either fix the issue or roll back to a previous backup snapshot. Regardless, we’ll work with you to make sure your site is always running the latest version of WordPress.

You can also offload the tedious task of plugin updates! Simply enrol your site in our Managed Plugin Updates service and our team will update any plugins on your site with a new version. If anything breaks, we’ll roll the update back. Once we’re finished, we’ll notify you and if anything was to break, we’ll package up a report so you know exactly what we did and why we did it!

WordPress Managed Plugin Updates

6. Say goodbye to all those unnecessary plugins

When you partner with a managed WordPress hosting provider you can safely say goodbye to all those unnecessary security and caching plugins! WPhost will take care of all your basic website optimisations.

It’s recommended to use as few WordPress plugins as possible – your website will likely see better performance and you’ll be able to stay on top of plugin updates much easier. What’s more, you’ll still get all the benefits those old plugins provided!

When you host your WordPress website with WPhost, you’ll be able to immediately deactivate:

  • Backup plugins
  • Caching plugins
  • Security plugins
  • Performance plugins

7. Accelerate your WordPress site with a global CDN

A massive value-add for managed WordPress hosting clients is a free built-in global Content Delivery Network. A Content Delivery Network (or CDN) speeds up page loads for your site’s visitors so your WordPress website chases the speed of light. With a CDN, your visitors will receive images, static files and fully cached pages from the server that’s physically closest to them. That proximity ensures their experience with your site is always crazy fast, no matter where in the world they’re located.

As an example, let’s say that predominantly your clients are in New Zealand and Australia. Your CDN serves your assets from a bunch of different servers based around the world, including Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. The idea is that users will hit the server closest to them and not sacrifice load time, since there’s a smaller distance between them and the server. Therefore, a Wellington based visitor will hit your data centre in Wellington. Similarly, a visitor based in London will be served your website from London!

All WPhost plans now include our built-in global CDN (powered by Fastly) for free. Full setup by our team of WordPress experts is included.

Unlike some other CDN’s that only cache site assets (such as CSS and JavaScript), our CDN offers full-page caching, including the full HTML of your pages. This vastly improves your time to first byte which is great for SEO! Using a CDN will definitely increase the speed of your site for users throughout the world! But wherever your clients, WPhost is committed to unbeatable page speeds for a global audience.

8. We’ll focus on hosting so you can focus on your business

Above everything, the greatest benefit of managed WordPress hosting is the simple fact that we’ll handle all of these things for you – and you can just focus on your business, or the things you actually enjoy doing! The entire purpose of a managed WordPress hosting provider is to simplify the process of WordPress hosting and free up your time.

While the cost of managed WordPress hosting may be more than the shared hosting plans you’re used to, with managed hosting, you’re paying for just that – a hassle-free hosting solution that’s managed for you.

Is managed WordPress hosting worth it?

While the price tag for managed WordPress hosting is probably a little higher, the price is 100% worth it compared to bottom-of-the-barrel shared hosting solutions.

There are so many reasons why managed WordPress hosting is a really awesome solution for your business. Whether it’s providing super fast speed or tight-knit security, the price you pay will undoubtedly help you save time and skip the stress!

We firmly believe the benefits are worth the increase in cost. With WPhost’s managed WordPress hosting platform, you’ll get top performance out of even the highest traffic websites. Robust caching comes standard, as does our free built-in global CDN powered by Fastly. Plus, there’s our top-notch local support team and a whole plethora of features to help you launch a blazing fast WordPress site.

How do you move to managed WordPress hosting?

If you’re ready to switch web hosting providers, start by contacting your new host! If you’re looking at moving to WPhost, you can sit back and relax knowing we’ll take care of the transfer thanks to our free WordPress migration service. No matter how many sites you have, we’ll migrate each of your WordPress sites for you.

Thanks to the benefits of a managed WordPress hosting provider, switching to a new set-up couldn’t be easier. WPhost handles the entire migration and transfer process for you. All you have to do is fill out our migration form and a WPhost expert will take it from there.

Free WordPress migration to WPhost