WordPress Migration

Ready to switch hosts? Sit back and relax knowing we’ll take care of the transfer. No matter how many sites you have, we’ll migrate your WordPress sites for free.

WPhost handles the entire migration and transfer process for you. If you require an Urgent Migration, we can expedite the transfer for just $79 + GST. Urgent migrations are completed overnight (Monday – Friday). Standard migrations normally take 1-3 business days. Get started: Migrate my WordPress website to WPhost!

Walk through the migration process

If you don’t already have a WPhost Client account, sign up. Then fill out our migration form so we can get the information we need to migrate your site.

Our team will login to your WordPress site and download a copy. Your site remains online during this process!

We’ll take the copy of your WordPress site and move it to your new WPhost platform. We’ll then take care of any domain name transfer and even setup your DNS!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the migration of my WordPress site really free?

Yes, we’ll move your site from your current host to WPhost for free. The migration costs you nothing!

I have a bunch of WordPress websites, will you move them all?

Yes, we know migrating sites from one host to another can be painful. No matter how many sites you have, we’ll migrate your WordPress sites for free.

How long will the WordPress migration take?

It depends on the size and complexity of your site. We say 1-3 business days, however most migrations are completed within 24-hours. If you order an urgent migration before 5pm, we’ll complete your migration overnight (Monday – Friday).

My migration is urgent, can you expedite the transfer?

Yes! You can order an Urgent Migration which moves your site to the front of the queue. Submit your migration before 5pm and we’ll complete your migration overnight (Monday – Friday). The charge for an urgent migration is $79 + GST. You can learn how to order our urgent migration service here.

Will my site go down during the transfer?

No, we move a copy of your WordPress site to WPhost and put it on a temporary domain for you. When you’re ready to go live, we’ll take care of any domain name transfer, we’ll even configure your DNS records to repoint your domain, and you’ll only have to wait for DNS propagation.

Will my WordPress website be faster on WPhost?

Most likely! But, your site on WPhost comes with so many more features than just the fastest WordPress hosting speed. Check out our managed WordPress hosting NZ page for everything included with your WordPress hosting plan.

Will my plugin work with WPhost?

There are a few categories of plugins that either duplicate functionality that WPhost already provides, or are known performance-killers on sites. We do our best to make sure that your site is running as fast and secure as possible. As a NZ managed WordPress host, our goal is to make sure you’re starting out with a site that just works. And in the times when it doesn’t, our WordPress experts are here to help. You can view a list of plugins that aren’t allowed on WPhost here.

Who handles my transfer?

WPhost handles all migrations. This means your site is being moved by WordPress experts. We do not use third-party migration services so you can sit back and relax and let WPhost deal with the details!

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