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The Best SEO Plugin for WordPress. Now with AI. And now included free with all Silver, Gold, Platinum, Enterprise and Agency plans. Join WPhost and unlock the power of SEOPress PRO today (US$49/year value).

When WPhost dove headfirst into on-page SEO for our own WordPress sites, we consulted renowned SEO agencies and found they were all using SEOPress PRO on their client’s websites. This revelation made us ask ourselves: Why stick with Yoast when industry titans and SEO gurus had migrated to SEOPress PRO? Delving deeper, we discovered SEOPress PRO’s seamless WooCommerce integration, its advanced schema markup options, and access to SEO features only offered with Yoast’s premium packages. The move wasn’t just a trend; it was a strategic shift by SEO industry experts to SEOPress PRO. We knew we had to act and we wanted to bring WPhost clients along for the ride!

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that SEOPress PRO is now included free with all Silver, Gold, Platinum, Enterprise and Agency plans! This move means your WordPress websites benefit from the best on-site SEO tool on the market, a US$49/year value you get at no extra cost.

Imagine boosting product visibility with WooCommerce SEO, unlocking rich search results with schema markup, and optimising your website with AI-powered tools – all included with your WPhost plan.

It’s time to unleash your website’s full potential with the power of SEOPress PRO and WPhost.

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SEOPress Pro

The best all-in-one SEO plugin for WordPress

Optimise quickly and easily the SEO of your WordPress site. Boost your traffic, increase your sales and conversions, and maximize your income.


All the Premium SEO features you need in one plugin: WooCommerce SEO, schemas, local SEO, video and news XML sitemaps, breadcrumbs, redirect manager, broken link checker, 404 monitoring and so much more!

Maximum productivity

Import your SEO metadata from a CSV file thanks to our import tool. Use AI (Artificial Intelligence) to generate automagically your SEO metadata (title / meta description). Save dozens of hours of work.

Improve your ranking & your traffic now!


Premium SEO features to increase your rankings

Optimise your WooCommerce & Local SEO, increase visibility in SERP with Schemas, boost your productivity with AI to automagically generate SEO title and meta description, use the SEOPress PRO CSV metadata import tool and more.

SEO for Small Business

Optimise your local SEO, ecommerce site and your visibility in the SERPs thanks to Google structured data types.

Maximize your productivity with the SEOPress PRO bulk SEO metadata import tool.

Increase and track your sales with SEOPress PRO.

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Premium SEO features to increase rankings

Optimise your WooCommerce & Local SEO, increase visibility in SERP with Schemas, boost your productivity with CSV metadata import tool and more.


Generate your meta title, meta description and alternative texts with GPT-4 & GPT-3.5 Turbo models. Classic Editor, Block Editor, Elementor integration; bulk actions supported; all post types; based on your post content and language. This feature requires an OpenAI API key.

Increase your visibility for Local SEO

Easily generate a local business schema to increase your chance to get featured in Google search results and Google Maps. Display your local business information using a SEOPress PRO widget to improve EAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness).

WooCommerce SEO

Optimize your WordPress store with SEOPress PRO by adding additional metadata, generate automatic/manual Product schema to increase visibility in SERPs, track your sales with Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce and more

Analytics stats in your dashboard

The most useful Google Analytics and/or Matomo Analytics metrics at your fingertips right from the WordPress dashboard to track your day-to-day traffic: visits, users, bounce rate, events, sources of traffic, etc.

Google structured data

A powerful schema generator right in your WordPress site! Add different types of structured data automatically or manually such as product, local business, event, article, faq, how-to, and get featured in desktop and mobile search results to increase conversions.

Google News & Video XML Sitemaps

SEOPress PRO can dynamically generate XML sitemaps for Google News and video to help you get listed in Google News and Google Video search results. A fast and efficient way to reach a new audience that is growing day by day.

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