Looking for a NZ WordPress hosting partner dedicated to helping you scale & succeed?

Running a creative agency involves a lot of moving parts. That's why WPhost created a managed WordPress hosting plan just for agencies and developers. We handle performance and security. You impress clients.

Benefits of partnering with WPhost

WPhost arms agencies, developers and designers with a scalable platform leveraging Google Cloud to offer enterprise-grade infrastructure for your clients.

Our WordPress hosting solution for agencies incorporates rock solid WordPress security, hands-off WordPress maintenance (your WordPress updates, security, backups and caching is all taken care of) together with the fastest WordPress hosting.

When it comes to NZ managed WordPress hosting, WPhost is your partner of choice. From migrating or creating new sites to retaining clients and growing your business, we’re with you every step of the way.

Acceptance into our Partner Program unlocks these options for digital creative agencies:

  • Refer us clients and earn up to $200 for every site moved to WPhost; or.
  • Resell our Agency packs, add new revenue streams and scale your agency.
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New Zealand's only dedicated WordPress hosting NZ provider with CDN points strategically located in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch

Ready to join?

We'll do the work, you pocket the profit and impress your clients!

The tools you need to scale your services

Streamline your team, add new revenue streams and scale your agency.

Reduce time spent on maintenance

WPhost’s Cloud Platform is tuned for optimal WordPress performance. Plus, we configure server side caching, so your client’s sites will always be super speedy. We offer real-time security threat detection, proactively block threats when we can and work hard to make sure your sites are safe and secure.

Free Multi-Domain SSL Certificates come standard for partners thus providing agencies with an additional value-add for potential resale. All WPhost Agency Starter plans include our built-in global CDN (powered by Fastly).

We also manage your client’s WordPress patches, updates and backups so you gain peace of mind and you’re always a step ahead.

Google Cloud Platform

Enhance your WordPress experience

We’ve partnered with Google Cloud to create a platform that’s more scalable, resilient, and faster than ever. Leveraging containerised technology and the latest technologies, agencies are provided with enterprise-grade infrastructure to offer clients.

GCP enables New Zealand, Australia and surrounding area users to use our Cloud Platform close to home. But wherever your clients, WPhost is committed to unbeatable page speeds for a global audience. Our Agency Starter Plan features auto-healing and instant-scaling technology allowing us to offer the best WordPress hosting experience for agencies, developers and designers.

With WPhost optimising GCP for WordPress, you don’t have to. Instead, you can spend your time creating beautiful experiences instead of the systems to power them.

Leverage the WordPress experts

Building with WPhost frees you up to focus your time and technical resources on creating your end user experience instead of the systems to host and manage it.

With WPhost, you have the best WordPress support at your disposal. WPhost clients immediately notice our expertise goes a lot deeper than other WordPress hosts. A huge benefit for agencies is our 24/7 emergency site down support. We don’t believe there’s any other dedicated WordPress hosting provider in NZ offering this level of support.

WPhost Agency Partners access a secure Client Area where agencies can create & migrate new sites, manage agency plans & billing, register & transfer domains and view referral statistics in real time.

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Free Multi-Domain SSL Certificates

WordPress Hosting for Agencies

We’ll handle hosting so you can focus on your clients.

Free Multi-Domain SSL

Free Multi-Domain SSL Certificates (also called SAN or Subject Alternative Name Certificates) are standard with all Agency Starter plans.

Free CDN for Agencies

All Agency Starter plans include our new global CDN (powered by Fastly) for free. A CDN speeds up page loads for your site's visitors.

Auto-healing Technology

Each WordPress site on our platform will heal itself in the event of any service failure - auto-healing improves your site’s resiliency even more.

Free Malware Removal

In the unlikely event a client's site is hacked or compromised, our WordPress Experts will remove the malware and fix it for you - for free!

One Agency SFTP Login

Log into your SFTP server using One Agency SFTP and access all your client's sites in one place, neatly arranged according to owner.

Free Migrations

Sit back and relax knowing we'll take care of the transfer. No matter how many sites your agency has, we'll migrate your WordPress sites for free.

WordPress Maintenance

Everything is taken care of. Client's WordPress updates, security, backups and caching is all taken care of when your sites are with WPhost.

Free Domain Names

We have everything to get your client started online. Included with every Agency Starter plan is a free domain name registration or transfer.

Nightly Backups

Sleep well knowing your client's sites are backed up off-site. Don't worry about backup plugins or manual restores - we've got you covered!

Staging Sites

Keep your experiments away from your production site with WPhost Staging. Test out new ideas in a sandbox environment.


Agency Starter

  • 2GB Total SSD Storage
  • 10000 Monthly Visits
  • Free Domain Registration
  • Free Multi-Domain SSL Certificates
  • Free WordPress Migration
  • Access to Premium Themes
  • TrustedSite Certification
  • Agency SFTP Access
  • Staging
  • Nightly Backups
  • Auto-healing technology
  • Managed WordPress Updates
  • Free CDN (powered by Fastly)
  • Multisite
  • Infection Insurance
  • 24/7 Emergency Support
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Power-up plan with Memory Boost available

Email hosting add-on available

Prices listed are in NZ dollars and exclude GST.

WordPress Website Care

Owning a WordPress website requires ongoing care and maintenance. WordPress is a forever changing beast as the software continues to evolve and global threats continue to emerge. At WPhost, we've got everything you need to support your WordPress website care and keep your site humming.

Ready to join?

We'll do the work, you pocket the profit and impress your clients!

Get a personalised Agency hosting plan

Whether you’ve got one site or 100, we’ll scale with you and build a plan that’s the perfect fit!

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Build your custom WordPress Hosting plan

Don't see what you need in our Agency Starter plan? We support all kinds of WordPress sites and requirements, so if you're needing extra storage or are expecting higher visitors for a mission-critical project, we'll customise the perfect plan.

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Power-up Agency Plan with Memory Boost
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Ready to join?

We'll do the work, you pocket the profit and impress your clients!

WPhost Referral Program

Earn up to $200 for every client you refer to WPhost

We get it - handling hosting for your clients typically comes with a bunch of headaches, juggling credit cards and struggling with support teams. So if you're not wanting to resell our plans to your clients, we've made it easier than ever to refer your clients to a rock-solid, well supported WordPress host without bringing on any additional burden.

WordPress hosting for agencies, developers and designers

Ready to join?

We'll do the work, you pocket the profit and impress your clients!

Apply to join our partner program

Apply to become a WPhost Agency Partner today and a dedicated specialist will help you get access to all these great resources. We'll be there for you to make sure we deliver a WordPress platform you can trust.

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Faster WordPress speeds? Greater WordPress uptime? Yes please!

Frequently Asked Questions

We'd love to hear from you if you have a question that isn't answered.

What solutions does your Partner Program offer agencies?

Agencies can refer us clients and earn up to $200 for every site moved to WPhost, or resell our Agency packs and add new revenue streams.

Refer us clients
Clients look to agencies for recommendations on the best hosting option for their site. With WPhost’s referral program, we’re here to help you succeed and make up to $200 per site while doing it! WPhost pays 200% of the monthly payment amount for all referred sites.

Resell our Agency packs
For established agencies and freelancers looking to increase recurring revenue from their existing clients, reseller hosting is the way to go. Creating maintenance plans, where there are tiers of services and hosting options to choose from, is a common way to resell hosting. With WPhost, you can include our features in your plans and upsell our add-ons.

Can I be both a reseller of your hosting and refer you clients?

Yes! Many of our Agency Partners mix and match by reselling our Agency packs and referring us clients. After acceptance into our Partner Program, you have access to both programs.

What's the best way to earn recurring revenue?

Our most successful Agency Partners earn recurring revenue by bundling up the cost of managed WordPress hosting with the other web design and development services they offer, and bill it as a monthly plan. WPhost becomes your partner behind the scenes, and you offer our services under your own agency and brand. From your client’s perspective, you are their point of contact and are taking care of their site completely, allowing you to deliver an incredible, ongoing customer experience without a bunch of additional work.

How do I view my Agency Site Plans?

First, login to your Client Area.

Next, click on Agency and then My Agency Site Plans.

My Agency Site Plans

How do I create a new site?

First, login to your Client Area.

Next, click on Agency and then Create New Site.

Create New Site

Can I create a free demo site?

Yes! Demo sites on WPhost allow you to stage a new site and build it out for your client before paying. The cool thing is that the site is already in its production location, so going live is as easy as switching DNS with no migration needed.

Once you create a development site you have all of the remaining calendar month and all of the next month to build the site – that’s up to 8-weeks of free hosting!

To create a development/demo site, first login to your Client Area.

Next, click on Agency and then Create Development Site.

Create Development Site

How do I refer my own client and offload billing to them?

If you’re not wanting to resell our plans to your clients, we’ve made it easier than ever to refer your clients to a rock-solid, well supported WordPress host without bringing on any additional burden. WPhost allows agencies to link directly to our order form for specific plans. Referrals earn 200% of each referred site’s monthly rate.

Simply replace the affiliate ID below (in red) where x is your own agencies unique referral ID and share the URL with your client:

Bronze Plan:

Silver Plan:

Gold Plan:

Platinum Plan:

  • Payouts are available after 2 months
  • Cookies last 3 months

How do obtain my unique referral link?

WPhost generates a unique code for each Agency to use. Our referral cookies last for 3 months on the user’s computer.

To obtain your unique referral link, login to your Client Area.

Next, click on Agency and then Referrals.

Agency Referrals

How do I track my referrals?

First, login to your Client Area.

Next, click on Agency and then Referrals.

Statistics are in real time and update instantly.

Agency Referrals

How do I request a withdrawal?

A Request Withdrawal button appears on your Agency Referral’s page when your available commissions balance matures (60 days).

To request a withdrawal, login to your Client Area.

Next, click on Agency and then Referrals.

Click on Request Withdrawal.

Agency Referrals

Do you have any downloadable sales resources I can provide clients?

You are welcome to download the following one-page PDF sales resources to provide clients.

We also have a new video explainer for clients: Why managed hosting with WPhost?

Why we recommend managed WordPress hosting White paper: How we handle security at WPhost

Will you brand your monthly reports as my own to send to clients?

Yes! As a member of our Agency Partner Program we can customise the SEO Business Pack and Security Insights monthly reports as your own with your branding. There’s no additional cost for us to do this. We can include your logo (which is displayed on the first page of the client report), you can select your desired colour for the header and footer and we can include your company name in your custom header.

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