WordPress Tune Up Service

Every time you save a WordPress page or post, a new revision is captured which, in turn creates another entry in your database. That article with 20 revisions now takes up 20 times as much room on your server than the actual article does!

Post revisions and spam serve as nothing else but a drain on your WordPress site’s resources and the amount of overhead flying about can quickly get overwhelming. In time, your WordPress database will bloat due to drafts, post revisions, spam comments, and more. We recommend you schedule in a regular WordPress Tune Up once every three months to ensure your website continues to operate at peak performance. What is included in our WordPress Tune Up Service:

Site Optimisation

We'll tidy up all your post revisions and spam comments. Having too much spam and post revisions can increase the weight on your database which will slow down your website over time.

Vulnerability Detection

Leveraging the WPScan Vulnerability Database, we’ll detect security vulnerabilities and bring you real time information about what plugins are vulnerable and what the issue is.

Clean MB Overhead

We'll rid your database of needless data and unwanted pingbacks and trackbacks. Keep your site clutter free before your database affects your site's performance.

Broken Link Check

Are broken links damaging your website's rankings and usability? 404 error pages are bad for business. We'll crawl through your website, identifying broken links for you to correct.

Malware Scan

Our security monitor scans the pages of your website and compares the code against the known malware knowledgebase. This allows us to easily spot any infected files.

Performance Check

A slow website will hurt your business. Our performance check gives you an insight into how your website is performing with both Google PageSpeed and Yahoo! YSlow grades.

Website Blacklist Check

WPhost will check if your website is blacklisted. We'll perform a blacklist check with 10 different services, including Google Safe Browsing, Norton Safe Web and ESET.

Tune Up Report

We'll send you a report on the WordPress Tune Up of your site. We'll include our detailed Security Insights report, results of our broken link check and performance overview grades.

How our WordPress Tune Up Service works

We will start tuning up your website right away!

1: Order Tune Up Service

Order our WordPress Tune Up Service from inside your Secure Client Area.

2: Process Payment

A one time payment of just $79 + GST secures your WordPress Tune Up Service!

3: Tune up begins

We'll jump into action tuning up your website as soon as possible!

What our clients say

Don't just take our word for it:

Crissie Davies Design logo
Crissie Davies Design

Fantastic customer service

Fantastic customer service as always. Life saver as usual! Thank you so much, you guys are great!

Franklins logo

Awesome experience

We have had an awesome experience in less than a week of being with you guys. We feel as though we are in much safer hands. Looking forward to partnering with WPhost well into the future.

The Feijoa Company logo
The Feijoa Company

If there’s an issue – they will fix it

We knew right from the start that we needed a website. Locally owned, locally managed, if there's an issue - they will fix it. Our website has paid for itself many times over.

NZPFU logo
NZ Professional Firefighters Union

We moved to you and never looked back

We moved from NZ's second largest ISP to you and never looked back. WPhost manages our secure membership site and online shop for all New Zealand professional firefighters.

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