Your site gets its own dedicated resources

With WPhost's Cloud Platform, you don't share resources like you do with shared WordPress hosting. Our platform is hand-tuned for optimal WordPress performance and we configure all caching so you don't have to!

WordPress VPS hosting is all we do at WPhost – we put your site on a dedicated VPS, powered by Google Cloud. This means your WordPress site gets its own dedicated resources and lightning fast WordPress speed around the world. Shared hosting is just that – a shared server, tied to a bunch of other sites, and can be affected by any one of them. For example, if another site on that shared server gets a spike of traffic, your site could go down.

When your site is hosted at WPhost, you can rest assured another website won’t mess up your WordPress site’s performance or impact your business. Plus, our WordPress hosting platform is hand-tuned for optimal WordPress performance, so your site will always be super speedy.

When it comes to WordPress hosting, everyone will tell you a Virtual Private Server (VPS) is the superior option to shared hosting. While this is true, it’s difficult to measure just how rock-solid the performance is of a WordPress VPS hosting solution. Without this information, you can’t determine if using a VPS is cost-effective.

WordPress VPS Hosting: A case study

Fortunately, the numbers don’t lie. Here, we're going to test the performance of the WordPress site of one of our very first clients to switch to WPhost who took advantage of WordPress VPS hosting.

Our New Zealand client’s WordPress site was hosted on shared servers. Unfortunately, our client began to witness slowness in the loading of his website, he was unable to login to his WordPress Admin dashboard for long periods at a time and was starting to experience excessive downtime. Investigations revealed the cause to be a resource intensive plugin consuming the memory of his shared server and bringing down his own site. Not wanting to risk further downtime, our client immediately made the decision to move to VPS hosting and switch to WPhost!

But was this the right decision? We’re going to test the performance of his site now that he’s moved to VPS hosting and see how it stacks up. Firstly, using Pingdom we’re going to test how long our client’s website takes to load using servers from different regions around the world. But loading times alone don’t paint the entire picture when it comes to performance. Given this, we’re then going to check how the site performs under stress. We’ll be using the Load Impact service to watch how the website performs with up to 50 concurrent visitors over a period of five minutes. Load Impact adds virtual users one at a time until it gets to the cap and provides us with loading time information every step of the way and tells how the site performs under duress.

Before we examine the numbers, we need to point out that our client is hosted on our entry level Bronze plan and was not utilising our built-in global Content Delivery Network (CDN) or Cloudflare.

Pingdom WordPress VPS hosting New Zealand Website Speed Test
Load Impact WordPress VPS hosting New Zealand Performance Test

Pingdom Website Speed Test Results

Using Pingdom Tools, we measured our client's website loading time from four different locations: Melbourne, San Jose, New York City and Stockholm. Each test also shows the page's Google PageSpeed performance grade. Impressive!

Melbourne, Australia
Melbourne, Australia - Website Speed Test

New York City, New York, USA
New York, USA - Website Speed Test

San Jose, California, USA
San Jose, California, USA - Website Speed Test

Stockholm, Sweden
Stockholm, Sweden - Website Speed Test

Load Impact Stress Test Results

During our stress test, we saw that loading times never exceeded 133ms and at full load we saw our fastest load time clocking in at an amazing 75ms. Remember, the average duration for a single blink of a human eye is 100-400 milliseconds so we really did see lightning fast WordPress speeds during our test!

Load Impact WordPress VPS hosting New Zealand Performance Test

Incredible infrastructure

Powered for New Zealand and Australian Customers

Since testing, we've partnered with Google Cloud to create a platform that's more scalable, resilient, and faster than ever.

New Zealand and Australian customers down-under have seen further significant reductions in latency on our new Cloud Platform.

Our performance testing shows 80-95% reductions in round-trip-time (RTT) latency when serving visitors from New Zealand and Australian cities such as Auckland, Wellington, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.


We can say with confidence that moving to WPhost will not only provide you with a performance boost, it will also improve your website’s performance when under stress.

Clearly demonstrated from our Pingdom and Load Impact tests, our client is already getting top performance from our WordPress VPS hosting solution. At WPhost, you can be confident that you’re getting top performance out of even the highest traffc sites thanks to our free built-in global Content Delivery Network (CDN), powered by Fastly.

While the price tag of shared hosting makes it seem like a bargain, it comes at a cost: slow site speed, irregular performance and downtime. The stress just isn’t worth it when you can switch to our Cloud Platform from just $29/month.