WordPress VPS Hosting

WPhost's powerful platform leverages container technology powered by the Google Cloud to provide a WordPress VPS hosting experience that’s more scalable, resilient, and faster than ever.

When it comes to WordPress hosting, everyone will tell you a VPS is a superior option. Powered by Google Cloud, our newly architected platform is built with containerised technology. We’ve hand-crafted the architecture so that sites scale and heal as needed, allowing us to offer enterprise-grade infrastructure to all of our customers.

Every site on the WPhost platform is spun up on its own server on the Google Cloud Platform. Your WordPress site gets its own dedicated resources. Our container technology enables us to ramp up instantly to meet traffic spikes and surges.

Just a few of the great things about our VPS technology:

  • Containerised site pods, ready to scale
  • Updates without downtime
  • Instant scaling as traffic increases
  • Fastest failover for stability
  • Separate cloud solutions for caching, site pod and database servers

Google Cloud Platform

Cloud Platform Features

Just a few of the great things about our WordPress VPS hosting.

Auto-healing technology

In the event of any service failure, each WordPress site on the WPhost platform will automatically heal itself. For example, if there are issues with PHP, your site won't go down - it will just fix itself! While we’ve always provided great uptime for your WordPress sites, auto-healing technology improves your site’s resiliency even more.


Our Cloud Platform has been built to be more scalable, more resilient, and even faster. Experiencing a spike in traffic? Now, with WPhost's new Cloud Platform, scaling your site to surges of visitors happens instantly. Powered by Google Cloud, sites scale and heal as needed. There's no need for downtime or migration to new hardware!

New caching technology

With WPhost's new Cloud Platform, your sites will perform even better. Our new caching technology takes into account the most popular WordPress themes and plugins to make sure your pages are cached correctly when they should be and aren’t cached when they shouldn’t be - with no work from you!

Premium architecture

Underneath our platform, there’s a lot of technical stuff happening to keep your site fast, secure and running smoothly. Your site’s performance, security, and reliability are all built into how our platform is architected.