Hacker Free WordPress Security

We work hard to make sure your sites are safe and secure.

Because of it’s popularity, WordPress has become a target for hackers and malicious users across the internet.

We’re always on top of the latest WordPress security vulnerabilities and proactively block threats when we can. We work hard to make sure your sites are safe and secure.

WPhost protects against brute force attacks at both the site and server level. Multiple failed login attempts mean hackers or malicious users can’t get inside.

While most WordPress sites don’t need to worry about DDOS attacks, an advanced option is to add a CDN to your WordPress site.

All WPhost plans now include our built-in global CDN (powered by Fastly) for free.

All WordPress Hosting plans at WPhost are bundled with Divi by Elegant Themes.

Like us, Elegant Themes take WordPress security very seriously. Ensuring that the themes you use are secure is extremely important. Using a WordPress theme with the Sucuri Safe Seal means that you can relax in the confidence of knowing that your theme has been tested and is trusted by industry-leaders in the field of WordPress security.

New Zealand's only dedicated WordPress hosting NZ provider with CDN points strategically located in Auckland and Wellington

Managed WordPress Updates

Managed WordPress hosting means we handle all core WordPress updates for you so your WordPress software will always be up to date and secure. Enroling your site in our monthly Managed Plugin Updates service allows you to offload this tedious task!

Free Malware Removal

Nobody wants to have tasteless ads show up on their homepage, so our team of WordPress experts work hard to make sure your website is malware-free. Unfortunately, there’s always a small chance hackers could find their way around your defence so in the unlikely event that your site is hacked or compromised, our team of WordPress Experts will quickly and carefully undertake our free malware removal service and fix it!

No more security plugins

WPhost handles all WordPress security at the server level – this means there’s no need for any security plugins. Since conflicting plugins bring performance issues of their own, we recommend that you don’t even install them.

Intelligent IP blocking

Our security systems use intelligent IP blocking to detect and block intruders across all sites on the WPhost network within seconds. Your site’s protected before they even try to attack! At site level, all WPhost sites have a highly effective plugin installed to block repeatedly failed login attempts – this is highly effective at making brute-force attacks difficult or even impossible to perform.