WordPress Security Lockdown Service

Whether you’re just starting a new travel blog or managing a high-traffic site attracting millions of visitors, eventually hackers might try to go after your site. While getting hacked usually isn’t the end of the world, it’s still a real pain. Have WPhost enhance your site’s security with our WordPress Security Lockdown Service. Ready? Let’s toughen up your site!

See what is delivered to you as part of this service:

Hide WordPress Login

We'll change the location of your login screen from “/wp-admin” to whatever you want and add it to your server’s cache exclusions.

Cloudflare Setup

We'll setup and configure your new Cloudflare account including the move of your DNS for fast responsive times globally and near-instant updates.

Wordfence Setup

We'll setup your free Wordfence account including endpoint web application firewall to identify and block malicious attackers.

Unmetered DDoS Protection

Includes free unmetered mitigation. Cloudflare’s unmetered mitigation of DDoS stops illegitimate volumetric traffic at the Cloudflare edge.

Rules & Malware Signatures

Free version includes delayed firewall rules and malware signatures created by the industry-leading Wordfence Threat Intelligence team.

Free Managed Ruleset

Free Cloudflare-managed ruleset and reputation-based threat protection - protecting you against highest severity vulnerabilities.

Robust Security Tools

Free tools include malware scanning, two-factor authentication, rate limiting, brute force protection, vulnerability alerts, and more.

Bot Fight Mode

Manage good and bad bots in real-time with speed and accuracy by harnessing the data from the millions of Internet properties on Cloudflare.

How our WordPress Security Lockdown Service works

We will start locking down your website right away!

1: Order Lockdown Service

Order our WordPress Security Lockdown Service from inside your Secure Client Area.

2: Process Payment

A one time payment of just $249 + GST secures your WordPress Security Lockdown Service!

3: Lockdown Begins

Our security team will jump into action and start locking down your website right away!

Included in Security Lockdown Service

Learn about what we'll package up and include in our WordPress Security Lockdown Service!

We'll hide your WP login

An extra layer of security making your login screen harder to find

Many WordPress hacks come from malicious bots that are programmed to crawl the web looking for WordPress sites. Once they find one, they’ll add “/wp-admin” to the end of the site’s URL to get to the login screen and try to force their way in. We’ll change the location of your WordPress login to whatever you want and add it to your server’s cache exclusions.

Hide WordPress login

Wordfence Installation

A comprehensive security solution for WordPress

Next, we’ll install Wordfence and setup your endpoint firewall and malware scanner. The free version receives firewall rules and malware signatures created by the industry-leading Wordfence Threat Intelligence team after a 30 day delay.

Robust security tools included are:

  • Plugin/Theme Vulnerability Monitoring
  • File Change Detection
  • Intrusion Alerts
  • Rate Limiting
  • Brute Force Protection
  • Login Security – 2FA & RECAPTCHA

Cloudflare Setup

Industry Leading DDoS Mitigation + Bot Fight Mode

Cloudflare protects against the largest and most sophisticated attacks. After WPhost onboards your website to Cloudflare and enables your domain to use their nameservers, you’ll immediately gain unlimited and unmetered mitigation of DDoS attacks. Cloudflare’s global and local DoS mitigation systems work in concert to protect new and existing threats of any size or kind against your website.

We’ll also turn on Bot Fight Mode to help detect and mitigate bot traffic on your domain. When enabled, Bot Fight Mode identifies traffic matching patterns of known bots, issues computationally expensive challenges in response to these bots and notifies Bandwidth Alliance partners (if applicable) to disable bots.

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What our clients say

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We couldn’t have run our campaign without you

We couldn't have run our campaign without you. WPhost managed all aspects of our #FireCrisis online campaign, including hosting our campaign website, online petition to Members of Parliament and social media to support NZ's firefighters. You guys rock!

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Ascension Creative

Couldn’t do business without you

Really appreciate your fast service, as always you guys never fail to impress. Couldn't do business without you. Fantastic customer service.

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By far the most helpful

I have to deal with a lot of contractors and vendors in my job, and you guys are by far the most helpful I have ever encountered.

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Supply Services

Super awesome support

Jeez, you guys are so easy to deal with! Nice work Team! And yet again super awesome support, I would sing your praises.

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