WordPress Multisite

After a WordPress network install? We support WordPress multisite on Silver, Gold, Platinum, Enterprise & Agency plans.

A WordPress multisite network is a collection of WordPress sites that all share the same WordPress installation and database. These sites can also share plugins and themes that can be managed and updated network-wide. WordPress multisite installs are great for projects that include an umbrella site. For example, a restaurant group with locations across New Zealand. Each location could have their own front-facing site (a sub-site of the parent site) and be managed from a single WordPress dashboard.

WPhost supports WordPress multisite on Silver, Gold, Platinum, Enterprise and Agency plans. We support both types of multisite installations:

A path-based network in which on-demand sites use sub-directories:


A domain-based network in which on-demand sites use subdomains:


All WPhost multisite network installations include our free built-in global CDN.

Additionally, WPhost does support “domain mapping” however it’s important to note that this is an advanced WordPress feature.

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What is a WordPress Multisite Network?

A WordPress multisite network allows you to manage multiple WordPress installations from one WordPress dashboard. The sites share a database and resources,

When should I use a WordPress Multisite Network?

Network multisites are mostly used for sites that require multiple versions of a similar layout.