WordPress Security Insights

Knowing that a website has a known vulnerability is hard to ignore with WPhost's Security Insights. Stop being in the dark when it comes to your security.

The worst thing about malware is that it could be on your website for months without you even knowing. You need to be vigilant, proactive and check regularly for malware and known vulnerabilities. That’s where Security Insights comes in.

WPhost’s new Security Insights is a total game changer for your WordPress maintenance workflow – we’ll undertake integrity monitoring, vulnerability detection and malware scanning of your website.

Each month we’ll package up a report containing valuable security information, as well as an overview of all past security scans. We’ll also detect any security vulnerabilities and bring you real time information from the Patchstack Vulnerability Database about what plugins are vulnerable. Stop being in the dark when it comes to your security.

Another feature of Security Insights is our secondary backup service. Every month, we’ll run a scheduled secondary backup of your website and keep it for 90 days. Our secondary backups are run in addition to your existing nightly backups, are incremental and are run off-site.

We can brand our Security Insights Report for Agencies with your own logo and colours!

WordPress Security Insights

Included in Security Insights

Learn about what we'll package up and include in our monthly Security Insights report!

Powerful Security Scanning

Scheduled automated security scans performed daily

We’ll undertake integrity monitoring, vulnerability detection and malware scanning of your website. Scheduled automated security scans will be performed daily. In the event of any malware flag, WPhost engineers will immediately be alerted.

Powerful Security Scanning
Spot Infected Files

Spot Infected Files

Website code is compared against malware knowledgebase

Our security monitor scans the pages of your website and compares the code against the known malware knowledgebase. This allows us to easily find any infected files and report these to you in our Security Insights package.

Website Blacklist Checking

We'll check if your website is blacklisted

Every day, WPhost will perform a blacklist check with a number of services, including Google Safe Browsing, Norton Safe Web, Phish tank, Opera browser, SiteAdvisor, Sucuri Malware Labs, SpamHaus DBL, Bitdefender, Yandex (via Sophos) and ESET.

Website Blacklist Checking
Vulnerability Detection

Vulnerability Detection

Real time information about vulnerable plugins

Leveraging the Patchstack Vulnerability Database, we’ll detect security vulnerabilities and bring you real time information about what plugins are vulnerable and what the issue is. We’ll address multiple issues, including:

  • CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery)
  • XSS (Cross-site scripting)
  • RFI (Remote File Inclusion)

Detection happens on our own servers and any vulnerabilities are flagged in our monthly Security Insights report.

Know Your Website Weakness

We'll flag site errors and outdated software

Each month, we’ll detail your most recent scan and report the status of your website, including confirmation of the scans malware and web trust cleanliness. Our Security Insights will also flag any site errors and outdated software.

Know Your Website Weakness
Detailed Reporting and Security Tracking

Detailed Reporting and Security Tracking

Track security checks through Security Insights

Even if your website returns clean scans for the month, you will still receive our monthly Security Insights. If malware alerts are triggered, you will get detailed descriptions as well as a list of infected files. Security Insights allow you review the history of your website, investigate each security threat and identify patterns.

Secondary Backups

Protect your website with a secondary backup

An added feature of WPhost’s SEO Business Pack are secondary backups. WPhost takes another load off your mind by running scheduled secondary backups of your website every month. Our secondary backups are incremental and are run off-site. Secondary backup specifications:

  • Monthly scheduled backup
  • Run in addition to existing nightly backups
  • Off-site storage included
  • Backups stored for 90 days
Secondary Backups

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about Security Insights? You've come to the right place!

How do I activate Security Insights?

First, login to your Client Area.

Next, click on Services and then My Services. Your existing Products & Services will be displayed.

Select the current package that you would like to enrol in our Monthly Reporting Service by clicking on the Product/Service.

Here you can view and manage your existing package. Click on Upgrade/Downgrade Options.

Select either Security Insights or SEO Business Pack + Security Insights and click Continue.

Enrolling your site in our Monthly Reporting Service will automatically calculate any amount to pay and generate an invoice.

Watch our video guide as we show you how to upgrade your WPhost plan:

Can I activate both SEO Business Pack and Security Insights monthly reports?

Yes, in fact we think this is the ultimate solution! Not only that, we’ll reward you with an ongoing discount for enrolling your website in both monthly reporting services.

How much is Security Insights?

Security Insights (including monthly reporting and secondary backups) can easily be added to Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum plans for just $10/month + GST.

You can take advantage of an ongoing discount and add Security Insights and SEO Business Pack for just $25/month + GST for both monthly reporting services.

When will I be sent my monthly Security Insights?

We aim to send monthly reports to clients around the 1st day of each month.

Is off-site storage included as part of your secondary backup service?

Yes, you bet!

How long are your secondary backups stored for?

Secondary backups are stored for 90 days.

I'm an Agency, will you brand the monthly report as my own to send to clients?

Yes! If you are a member of our Agency Partner Program we can customise the monthly Security Insights report as your own with your branding. There’s no additional cost for us to do this. We can include your logo (which is displayed on the first page of the client report), you can select your desired colour for the header and footer, and we can include your company name in your custom header.

Can I download a sample Security Insights monthly report?

Yes, you can demo our Security Insights by downloading the sample monthly report below:

WordPress Security Insights