If you’re currently using a shared web hosting provider, you’re probably wondering when’s the best time to move to NZ managed WordPress hosting?

There is never a better time to move to New Zealand managed WordPress hosting than right now.

Unfortunately, too many WordPress website owners leave it until it’s too late to upgrade to managed WordPress hosting. Their decision is usually forced after their site crashes on shared web hosting, or perhaps their site is severely compromised with malware and has been hacked for weeks. We see this time and time again when people wait until it’s too late.

You can follow a recent case study where a customer’s high traffic and popular website was down. Faced with a $300 invoice from the existing WordPress host, he turned to WPhost and our WordPress malware removal service. Our experts immediately began migration and found that the site was severely compromised with over 2,000 malicious files including injected resources from blacklisted domains, embedded iframes and known javascript malware.

Poor performance, downtime and security breaches usually result in a loss of revenue, clients or trust in your business – you shouldn’t have to experience any of these issues.

While the price tag for managed WordPress hosting is probably a little higher, the price is 100% worth it compared to bottom-of-the-barrel shared hosting solutions. If you’re experiencing any of these issues, we highly recommend you upgrade to managed WordPress hosting:

  • Is your WordPress website performance inconsistent or slow?
  • Do you experience frequent downtime?
  • Is your site currently hacked or compromised?
  • Would you like to prevent these scenarios before they happen?
  • Are you spending more time optimising servers than you’d like?
  • Do you have to jump through hoops just to update your website?
  • Do you want a hosting partner and not just a provider?

With WPhost, your WordPress site gets its own dedicated resources, you don’t share resources like you do on shared hosting. This means no one’s site will interfere with your performance or security and you get the fastest WordPress hosting speeds around the world. We treat every website we host like the unique creation that it is so your site will likely have better uptime and load faster.

Remember: An optimised and well-performing managed WordPress hosted site can earn more money, whereas a slow or hacked site will lose you money. If you’re asking when should you upgrade to managed WordPress hosting, the answer is likely – right now!

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