Each site hosted with WPhost is spun up on its own containerised site pod on the Google Cloud Platform. Your WordPress site gets its own resources with an allocated number of workers and memory dedicated to PHP. In addition, we also assign memory to NGINX and all the other services running on your server.

As an example, our out of the box Divi Theme sites are spun up with the exact amount of memory as recommended by the Elegant Themes team. In fact, our platform was vetted by the Divi team, and our environment and resources tweaked to accommodate Divi out of the box. As a site becomes more complex with more addons, more plugins, the site’s memory requirement may be greater. If the developer of your WordPress theme has minimum PHP or memory requirements let us know – upgrades performed by our operations team are based on each situation.

It’s important to note that if your site requires a little more juice, then typically it’s not just the number of PHP workers raised, but also the memory limit. For example, a theme may require memory to be lifted from 128MB to 256MB. Multiplying this by the number of workers allocated can quickly start to increase the overall memory dedicated to PHP for your site (eg. 256MB x 4 = 1GB).

If your site caches really well, then the expected number of monthly visitors your plan supports is detailed under our Managed WordPress Hosting pricing.

What is a PHP Worker?

Each uncached page request to your website is handled by a PHP worker. You can think of these PHP workers as cashiers in a store. Each cashier handles one customer at a time, just as each PHP worker executes the PHP code that makes up a web page when a request comes in. When every cashier is occupied with a transaction, a queue of waiting customers is formed. Similarly, when the PHP workers can’t finish requests more quickly than they’re coming in, a backlog is created. This is when we may see performance issues.

Resource intensive or highly dynamic sites

Highly dynamic sites may benefit from the boost of our Power-up Plans. Typically used for busy eCommerce stores, Power-up is ideal for more resource intensive sites. This solution upgrades memory dedicated to PHP and increases allocated PHP workers providing up to 4x the power of a standard plan.

Power-up WordPress Hosting Plans

Our new WPhost Power-up Plan is typically used for highly dynamic sites such as busy eCommerce/login sites, but it’s ideal for anything more resource intensive than a brochure site. So if you are needing to boost your site’s resources, there’s two ways to power-up your plan with a boost in memory:

  • Power-up can be added to any Gold or Platinum Plan for just $20/month + GST.
  • So not only can you leverage up to 4x the processing power of our standard plan, Platinum with Power-up provides twice as much disk storage, more monthly visits and gives you access to both 24/7 High Availability Uptime Monitoring and 24/7 Emergency Support.

Quite simply, Power-up equals more PHP workers meaning more cashiers for your store!

As part of our Platinum Plan with Power-up offering, clients can also now opt in to lift their monthly visitor limits – we’ll waive any traffic overages for just $10/month + GST.

Power-up for Agencies, Developers and Designers

WPhost arms agencies, developers and designers with a scalable platform leveraging Google Cloud to offer enterprise-grade infrastructure for your clients.

Agencies who have joined the WPhost Agency Partner Program can also access discounted Power-up Plan pricing.