In our continued efforts to offer the latest technologies on our platform, we’re announcing support for PHP 7.4!

As of June this year, all new sites on WPhost use PHP 7.4. Older sites are scheduled to be upgraded to PHP 7.4 on Wednesday, 25 November 2020 at 5AM NZDT.

Sites upgrading from PHP 7.2/7.3 to 7.4 can see increases in performance and also stay up to date as previous versions expire. As always, keeping up with the latest PHP version guarantees you’ll have the latest feature set and avoid security vulnerabilities.

For the upgrade to go as smoothly as possible, we recommend ensuring all your plugins and themes are up to date! Although we expect minimal to no downtime, any out of date plugins or themes may cause site-level issues due to incompatibility. We know that managing plugin updates is time consuming and distracts from other valuable work that can grow your business. If you’re wanting to offload the tedious task of plugin updates check out our managed plugin updates service.