We’re so excited to announce some amazing, new features of our Managed Plugin Updates service!

Here’s just a few of the new features:

  • Automatic backups and rollbacks
  • Visual regression testing
  • Weekly or daily update frequency (previously only monthly)
  • Updates run outside of New Zealand business hours
  • Real experts to help you troubleshoot

WPhost Managed Plugin Updates takes the best of AI technology and adds a layer of real WordPress experts. It’ll detect even the slightest difference to your site that the human eye might’ve missed, and then will roll back the update and tag in our support team of WordPress experts to troubleshoot. You can get back to more important work, and relax knowing that your site will always be up-to-date and online.

Sit back, relax and stay up-to-date with WPhost Managed Plugin Updates

Real humans and the best of artificial intelligence keep your plugins up-to-date and super secure.

Keeping plugins up-to-date is one of the best ways to ensure your site is secure and running great! However, we know that managing plugin updates is time consuming and distracts from other valuable work that can grow your business.

You can learn more about our new Managed Plugin Updates add-on service on our new Plugin Updates page.

Let’s take a closer look at how it works

  1. A backup is taken of the site and the plugin folders.
  2. Screenshots of up to 20 pages (including the home page) are taken prior to updates.
  3. Plugin updates are run on the site via our automated service.
  4. Another set of screenshots are taken of the same pages.
  5. AI technology checks for these 3 things:
    – Are there any critical site issues like PHP or 50X errors?
    – Did anything change on the site? (We compare the screenshots pixel-by-pixel!)
    – If yes to either, we run the site through a machine learning model and determine if the site is in fact different from the previous version.
  6. If the Machine Learning model detects any problems, we revert the changes to the site and our support team of WordPress experts will be notified to try to resolve the issues.
  7. We’ll schedule another round of updates on your chosen plugin update cycle (weekly or daily frequency).

Stay secure without the work

WPhost’s managed hosting platform keeps your site secure. However, when your plugins are out-of-date, your site is at risk. With Managed Plugin Updates, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing your site is using the latest plugins.

Say goodbye to troubleshooting by yourself and stop worrying your site will be left broken from updates. We’ve got your back with Managed Plugin Updates!

Monthly Managed Plugin Updates Service