Free Malware Removal

If your site's hacked and you need rescuing from your existing WordPress Hosting provider, our incredible support team of WordPress experts will quickly and carefully remove the malware for you. For free.

Because of it’s popularity, WordPress websites are under constant attack from hackers. At WPhost, we manage your WordPress security for you by configuring our platform for WordPress security best practices. We do all of this at the server level, without the need for any security plugins or configuration on the part of the customer.

We pride ourselves on keeping hackers and malicious users out of your WordPress website’s files and database through our preventative WordPress security measures. However, malware prevention is ongoing where WordPress hosts must react and adapt to new WordPress threats introduced by third-party plugins, WordPress themes and weak passwords.

Unfortunately, there’s always a small chance hackers could find their way around your defence so in the unlikely event that your site is hacked or compromised, our team of WordPress Experts will quickly and carefully remove the malware and fix it for you – for free!

Free Malware Removal

Help, my website's been hacked!

That's exactly what one panicked customer said to us when his existing WordPress Hosting provider quoted $300 to remove malware from his infected website. We said we'd fix it - for free.

If your WordPress website’s been hacked, then you’ve just found an awesome local support team that will get your website back online quickly and cheaply. Our exclusive focus on WordPress means our team of experts has your back! Sit back and relax knowing we’ll take care of everything. First, we’ll migrate your compromised WordPress site to WPhost for free. Then, our engineers will quickly and carefully remove the malware for you. Also for free.

Case Study: Client moves to WPhost to fix hacking nightmare

Step 1: Urgent migration to WPhost

The customer’s high traffic and popular website was down, and with a $300 invoice from the existing WordPress host, our experts immediately began migration and handled the entire transfer process to the safety of WPhost (we offer an urgent migration option where we’ll migrate your site overnight).

We found that the site was severely compromised with over 2,000 malicious files including injected resources from blacklisted domains, embedded iframes and known javascript malware.

Free Malware Removal

Step 2: Free Malware Cleanup

We then updated all plugins on the site to their most recent version and uninstalled any plugins and themes that weren’t being used. We identified numerous unauthorised admin user accounts which we deleted while updating the remaining admin user password to something as strong as possible.

Overnight, our engineers quickly and carefully removed all malware from the infected site and ran a further Sucuri SiteCheck.

Free Malware Removal

Step 3: Securing the site with HTTPS

Lastly, we installed the client’s new SSL certificate and fixed all mixed content errors. Mixed content errors like this are caused when a HTTPS website is referring to HTTP resources.

Our WordPress experts also set the all important redirect from HTTP to HTTPS – this ensures that website visitors are redirected to the site’s HTTPS version to avoid any “not secure” browser warnings.

Check out the final Sucuri SiteCheck as we handed the site over to one new happy WPhost client!

Free Malware Removal
Free Malware Removal