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WordPress Malware Removal Service

When hackers have breached your site, getting your website cleaned of malware immediately is the top priority. Security issues not only put your business’s data at risk, but also potentially your customers’ data as well. In addition to critical cybersecurity, getting hacked can take a website completely offline and/or negatively impact your search engine rankings, both of which can lead to sharp declines in website traffic and revenue.

Our WordPress Malware Removal Service will fix your hacked website quickly and carefully.

It is our policy that any site infected with malware must have all plugins and themes updated to the latest version within 24 hours of repair. Please make sure that all software updates are applied within 24 hours; failing to do so will make the site ineligible for free malware cleanups.

Existing WPhost Clients

Free Cleanup with Infection Insurance

If your site becomes infected with malware please reach out to our support team immediately. There is no charge to remove malware from a site with Infection Insurance.

WPhost engineers will proceed to scan the site, clean any malware found (if any), and report back to you with the results.

Keep in mind that a security scan and cleaning can take some time to complete and may require changes to your website. Our processes include creating a backup checkpoint prior to cleaning should anything break.

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Help, I don't have Infection Insurance!

You’re just moments away from getting access to WPhost contractors and specialised WordPress support. Without Infection Insurance, the cost for WPhost engineers to remove malware and clean your site is $179 + GST.

Simply click on the button below to order the Malware Removal Service from inside your Client Area.

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