Custom Plans

WPhost’s Cloud Platform is more scalable, more resilient and faster than ever. Our expertise gives us the unique ability to be able to grow with you and scale up as your site grows.

Each site hosted with WPhost is spun up on its own containerised site pod on the Google Cloud Platform. Your WordPress site gets its own resources with an allocated number of workers and memory dedicated to PHP. In addition, we also assign memory to NGINX and all the other services running on your server.

Highly dynamic sites may benefit from the boost of our Custom plans. Typically used for busy eCommerce stores, our Custom plans are ideal for resource intensive sites such as login, busy WooCommerce or high traffic sites. Our custom solutions significantly upgrade both the memory dedicated to PHP, and size-up the number of allocated PHP workers providing up to 40x the power of standard plans!

What is a PHP Worker?

Each uncached page request to your website is handled by a PHP worker. You can think of these PHP workers as cashiers in a store. Each cashier handles one customer at a time, just as each PHP worker executes the PHP code that makes up a web page when a request comes in. When every cashier is occupied with a transaction, a queue of waiting customers is formed. Similarly, when the PHP workers can’t finish requests more quickly than they’re coming in, a backlog is created. This is when we may see performance issues.

High CPU Plan

Our Professional Plan leverages the power of additional replica. Each site at WPhost is allocated a single Pod (group of resources, CPU, PHP, NGINX). For CPU heavy sites we introduce replicas – these essentially double the capability as the load is shared between pods and also doubles the memory allocated.

Custom Plan Specifications

We'll make sure you have all the specs you need for ultimate success:

Performance Plan

Professional Plan

Total storage 25GB 25GB
Monthly visits
How we track visits
100,000 100,000
Bandwidth 150GB 150GB
Memory 128/256M x 30 (256M x 30) x 2
(additional Pod)


24/7 High Availability Uptime Monitoring



24/7 Emergency Site Down Support



Monthly cost $299 $399