Lightning fast WordPress speed, globally

Our VPS servers are hand-tuned for optimal WordPress performance. Get crazy fast load times right out of the box!

All our clients are hosted on VPS (not shared) servers. This means your WordPress site gets its own dedicated resources and lightning fast WordPress speed around the world. Our WordPress VPS hosting servers are hand-tuned for optimal WordPress performance, so your site is always super speedy.

Whether you’re a business in Tauranga, an online guru in Christchurch with clients in Australia, or blogging on your OE in London, WPhost is committed to unbeatable page speeds for a global audience.

With your WordPress site hosted with WPhost, you can be confident that robust caching comes standard and you’ll get crazy fast load times right out of the box.

Say goodbye to bottom-of-the barrel shared hosting environments

Light speed is the normal speed at WPhost

We use NGINX web servers to serve up static files, and to act as a reverse proxy to the processes that run PHP. NGINX also handles all of the rewrite rules associated with serving up WordPress websites – NGINX performance is significantly faster than Apache.

Server side, having a caching layer works amazingly well serving a WordPress site to your users super quickly. The most common way to enable server-side caching with WordPress is by using a plugin. However, an even better solution is to use an HTTP accelerator such as Varnish, which sits outside of WordPress.

No need for caching plugins

Using Varnish instead of a plugin can increase speeds dramatically because Varnish never has to execute PHP in order to work. Instead, Varnish caches pages that have been rendered by WordPress in memory and can serve them up at lightning speeds. If you’re hosted at WPhost, your site will be equipped with one of the fastest caching techniques available and you don’t even have to worry about setting any of it up!

Plus, WPhost servers are configured to automatically flush the cache anytime files change and anytime a post or page is updated. This way, you never have to worry about visitors seeing outdated content. What’s more, we configure everything, meaning you’ll never have to fuss with caching plugins again.


You’ll already get top performance out of even the highest traffic sites, but if you want even more speed add our Cloudflare Content Delivery Network (CDN) with 151 data centres across 58 countries. Our WPhost Silver, Gold and Platinum plan clients receive a free Cloudflare account and expert configuration assistance.

Cloudflare’s Anycast CDN reduces latency and time to first byte by delivering content as close as geographically possible to visitors. Cloudflare’s size and distribution of internet connects gives customers fast, reliable delivery throughout the world.

WPhost is a CloudFlare Certified Partner.

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