Named Eckstine, in honor of Billy Eckstine, the release of WordPress 5.5 is creating a nightmare for website owners as tens of thousands of websites around the world break. If your website breaks after updating to WordPress 5.5, don’t panic, WPhost has jumped on this issue early and is here to tell you how to fix it! In this post, we’ll tell you what changed in WordPress 5.5 breaking so

As if our plans couldn’t get any better, right? Not only do we already make it incredibly easy to enable SSL on your site, we’ve now added the ability to secure multiple domains with one Multi-Domain SSL certificate.  Multi-Domain SSL certificates (also called SAN or Subject Alternative Name certificates) give you the ability to secure all domains on your site – yes all of them! Free Multi-Domain SSL Certificates are available

If you’re currently using a shared web hosting provider, you’re probably wondering when’s the best time to move to NZ managed WordPress hosting? There is never a better time to move to New Zealand managed WordPress hosting than right now. Unfortunately, too many WordPress website owners leave it until it’s too late to upgrade to managed WordPress hosting. Their decision is usually forced after their site crashes on shared web

Behind every successful.website is a powerful web hosting provider. If you want your website to have the fastest WordPress hosting speeds, rock solid security, and a stress free hosting experience, you need to move it to a managed WordPress hosting provider. What is managed WordPress hosting? When we refer to WPhost as a managed WordPress hosting provider, we’re calling out the many benefits that makes our hosting stand out from

Is your WordPress website taking a second or two longer to load than you’d like, but aren’t sure where to begin troubleshooting? In our latest blog post, How to speed up your WordPress site we’ll show you five easy ways to help you speed up those slow loading sites! 1. Optimise your images Shrinking images for use on your WordPress website will use less bandwidth and load faster. Many images

Offloading the tedious task of WordPress plugin updates has been one of our most requested features, and we’re proud to say it’s finally a reality. Each month, our plugin updates team will manage each site enrolled in plugin updates. If anything breaks, we’ll roll the update back. Once we’re finished, we’ll notify you and if anything was to break, we’ll package up a monthly report so you know exactly what

Underneath our platform, there’s a lot of technical stuff happening to keep your WordPress sites fast, secure, and running smoothly.  We’ve been busy upgrading to the latest technologies to offer enterprise-grade infrastructure to all of our customers. WPhost’s Cloud Platform is now more scalable, more resilient, and faster than ever. New Zealand and Australian customers will see significant reductions in latency. Our performance testing shows 80-95% reductions in round-trip-time (RTT)

Last year, we wrote about Google marking all HTTP websites as “not secure”. And in July 2018, Google began marking all HTTP sites that didn’t have an SSL Certificate as not secure. Google uses over 200 ranking factors in their algorithm that it actively considers before ranking any website in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Despite knowing this, Google has very carefully safeguarded how the actual algorithms work to

WordPress 5.0, featuring the new Gutenberg editor, has officially been released! It introduces a brand new publishing experience for the WordPress platform, plus a bunch of other great benefits for your WordPress website. This isn’t like any other WordPress update. The new Gutenberg editor introduces a brand new WordPress publishing experience that’s pretty different to what you’re probably used to. It’s exciting, but there’s also a lot to think about as you get

Founded in the 1970s, The Plan Collection sells building plans online for people who want to build their own perfect homes, saving them the expense and time of working with an architect, and letting them put more resources into their dream houses. No strangers to ecommerce, they first began selling online in 2001. Despite this, in 2017 CEO Brian Toolan wanted to improve their conversion rates and turned to Inflow, a company that